Clubs don't run on the first or last weeks of each half term.

All clubs run until 4.15pm unless they are a lunchtime club.  




Science Club


  Years 1 &2


Mrs Liversage



Choir (lunchtime club)

Art (charge applies)


  Years 1- 6

  Years 1 - 6


Mrs Hoe & Miss Lawrance

Mrs Metcalfe






  Years 1,2 & 3

  Years 5 & 6


Ms Worswick

Mr  Coutts



Sports Club (sport changes each half term)

  Years 4,5 & 6

Mrs Cooper




After School Care

We work in partnership with Sport4Kids to provide after-school care, Monday to Thursday each week.  The club runs here at school and the children take part in lots of fun activiites.  More information can be found from:  Paul and Jodie 01420 488 643 or 07964 617 268 or by asking at the school office. 


Dance Club


Drama Club