Values-Based Education

Our values are at the very core of who we are and how we behave.  At The Holme our values are evident in our displays, in our celebrations, in our learning and in our collective worship.  We link values to stories, to current events and to our relationships with each other and our environment.  

Children have lots of opportunities to put our values into action, by taking on responsibilities across the school, working with learning partners or intuitively at playtime in their games.  Staff, too, live by our values and are role models for the children — making sure values are explicitly referred to in our policies and that we follow these principles in our relationships with each other and how we work together.  

Our pupils are encouraged to show respect and courtesy towards others.  R time lessons on Monday mornings are a chance to learn how to treat each other with good manners and respect.  Each week children learn with a new partner, giving them opportunities to relate to each other, even with those they might never naturally choose to work with (an essential skill for life).

The government now expects schools to actively promote British Values and preparation for life in modern Britain.  It has set out its definition of British Values in the 2015 Prevent Strategy - values of:

mutual respect and tolerance between those of different faiths and beliefs


the rule of law 

individual liberty

This definition remains the same in the new Ofsted standards. As well as an expectation on schools to embed fundamental British Values, schools must challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values.   

As a Church of England school we seek to promote Christian Values, such as faith, humility, hope and stewardship.  

Learning Values are at the heart of our learning; supporting our children to approach their work with confidence, resilience, reflection and determination.  

We are working closely with Dr Neil and Jane Hawkes to bring Values-based Education into our curriculum more formally.  After an inspirational training day attended by all our staff and most of our governors last term, we consulted with everyone in school (children, parents, staff and governors) to agree our first 22 Values.  As we enter year three of the programme, we have all voted again and have a new set of values to focus on for the next two years.  They are a balance of inward looking, outward looking and upward looking and incorporate both British and Christian values.  You can see our 22 values by clicking here and how they fit together by clicking here.  You can view our Values-based Education policy here.

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